Elevate Customer Experience with Rozio

Empower your business with an intelligent, seamless, and personalized live chat solution designed to resolve queries faster and drive customer satisfaction.

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24/7 AI-Powered Assistance

Unlock the power of uninterrupted, always-available customer service. Cater to the needs of your customers, regardless of time zones or when they need help, ensuring they receive the attention and care they deserve.

Global Support

Enhance customer experiences across borders with Rozio's ability to speak 95 languages. Provide guidance to customers all around the world.

Highly Personalized Interactions

Drive customer satisfaction through bespoke chat experiences that connect emotionally and deliver tailored solutions based on customer needs and preferences.

Enhanced Efficiency

Facilitate faster issue resolution and increased productivity by automating routine tasks and allowing your support team to focus on high-priority tasks and customer interactions.

Seamless Shopify Integration

Quick install Rozio AI Live Chat from the Shopify App Store with just a few clicks.

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Rozio Becomes Your Store Expert in Less than 10 Minutes

Effortless Onboarding & Customization Tailored to Your Shopify Store.

Rely on Rozio, the AI assistant that knows your store inside and out.

  • Your Products

    Rozio dives deep into your product information, with access to details such as sizes, color variants, inventory quantities, and much more.

  • Your Website

    Rozio understands your entire website. From the "About Us" page to shipping policies, Rozio effectively responds to customer inquiries using the information available on your site.

  • Custom Knowledge

    Expand Rozio's expertise by feeding it custom knowledge. Simply add information directly in a text field or upload various file types like .txt, .docx (Word), .csv, or .xlsx (Excel).

Optimize Rozio with Custom Instructions

Unleash the Full Potential of rozio with custom instructions

Take full control of your Rozio AI, optimizing its interactions to align seamlessly with your specific business needs and preferences.

  • Customize Rozio's Personality:

    Easily change Rozio's personality to match your brand's voice. For example, you can instruct Rozio to act as a distinguished 65-year-old English suit expert, a young hipster skateboarder, or a friendly fitness coach. This ensures every customer interaction aligns perfectly with your brand's identity.

  • Drive More Sales:

    Teach Rozio to upsell or cross-sell products, and inform customers about ongoing promotions, discounts, or limited-time offers to increase sales.

  • Grow Your Audience:

    Instruct Rozio to encourage customers to subscribe to your email marketing list or join your loyalty program, fostering lasting relationships, increased retention, and repeat business.

Order Tracking with Ease

Your customers can easily check their order status with Rozio, receiving real-time updates, detailed order information, and a tracking link for a hassle-free experience.

Customer Log In

Your customers can access their chat history and receive seamless support by logging in with their email, enjoying a continuous and personalized support experience.

  • Rozio Autonomous

    Allow Rozio to handle all customer service in the live chat by autonomously crafting real-time, AI-generated responses for immediate customer engagement. Free up your customer service staff and let Rozio take care of your customers' inquiries with speed and precision.

  • Customer Service Review

    Improve efficiency by more than 90% with the Customer Service Review setting. Your team can click the "Generate" button to manually create Rozio's responses, giving them the option to review and edit messages before sending. Maintain a human touch and ensure the quality of your customer interactions.

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Customize Chat Appearance to Match Your Brand

Personalize Your Live Chat Interface for Enhanced Customer Engagement

Tailor your live chat's appearance to match your brand identity, creating a consistent and appealing user experience. By customizing colors, sender names, chat headers, and greeting text, you can make sure your Rozio AI represents your brand's personality and aesthetic.

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Upgrade Customer Communication with Rozio Inbox

Designed to maximize efficiency

Empower your team with a state-of-the-art inbox UI that streamlines customer message management, enabling swift and decisive action.

Enjoy the benefits of a clutter-free messaging environment as Rozio Inbox simplifies the communication process. Effortlessly review, respond, utilize AI-crafted replies, and assign tags to customer inquiries – all from one user-friendly interface.

Bid farewell to missed messages and subpar customer support. With Rozio Inbox, you can elevate your customer service experience, ensuring timely and attentive communication every step of the way.

Rozio Tutorial Video

Experience Rozio AI on Our Demo Store

See Rozio AI in action by visiting our demo store. Use the password "rozio" to gain access, and experience firsthand how seamless and helpful the AI assistant can be.

Password: rozio


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