Elevate Customer Experience with Rozio

Empower your business with an intelligent, seamless, and personalized live chat solution designed to resolve queries faster and drive customer satisfaction.

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AI-Powered Assistance

Leverage intelligent, real-time responses to guide your customers and resolve queries quickly with Rozio's deep learning capabilities and advanced AI technology.

Highly Personalized Interactions

Drive customer satisfaction through bespoke chat experiences that connect emotionally and deliver tailored solutions based on customer needs and preferences.

Seamless Shopify Integration

Effortlessly integrate Rozio's live chat into your Shopify store to enhance real-time customer support and create a seamless communication experience throughout your website.

Enhanced Efficiency

Facilitate faster issue resolution and increased productivity by automating routine tasks and allowing your support team to focus on high-priority tasks and customer interactions.

Train Rozio in 5 minutes.

Effortless Onboarding & Customization Tailored to Your Shopify Store.

Rozio's intuitive setup process ensures that implementing our AI chatbot into your Shopify store is a breeze. In just a few simple steps, transform Rozio into an expert on your online shop.

  • Step 1: Copy-Paste Relevant Content

    Provide Rozio with the essential information about your store by simply copying and pasting the URL of relevant pages (FAQs, Shipping Policy, About Us, etc.) along with the page content. Rozio immediately learns all the necessary details to assist your customers.

  • Step 2: Upload Your Product Catalog

    Easily upload your Shopify store's products to Rozio with a single click. Once the products are uploaded, Rozio will have a comprehensive understanding of your inventory, allowing it to answer customer queries with precision.

  • Step 3: Save Your Settings

    Finally, save your settings to let the AI-driven chatbot take over and handle customer interactions seamlessly. In just 5 minutes, Rozio is ready to revolutionize your customer support experience.

Optimize Rozio with Custom Instructions

Unleash the Full Potential of rozio with custom instructions

Rozio offers an ideal blend of a ready-to-use solution and the adaptability for merchants to provide custom instructions. Take full control of your Rozio AI and optimize the experience by guiding its interactions based on your specific business requirements and preferences.

  • 1. Drive More Sales:

    Teach Rozio to upsell or cross-sell products, and inform customers about ongoing promotions, discounts, or limited-time offers to increase sales.

  • 2. Tailor Your Brand's Tone:

    Instruct Rozio on how to greet customers, respond with your unique brand voice, and align its interactions with your store's personality.

  • 3. Customize for Unique Sales Processes

  • Rozio Autonomous

    Allow Rozio to handle all customer service in the live chat by autonomously crafting real-time, AI-generated responses for immediate customer engagement. Free up your customer service staff and let Rozio take care of your customers' inquiries with speed and precision.

  • Customer Service Review

    Improve efficiency by more than 90% with the Customer Service Review setting. Your team can click the "Generate" button to manually create Rozio's responses, giving them the option to review and edit messages before sending. Maintain a human touch and ensure the quality of your customer interactions.

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Customize Chat Appearance to Match Your Brand

Personalize Your Live Chat Interface for Enhanced Customer Engagement

With Rozio, you can tailor your live chat's appearance to match your brand identity, creating a consistent and appealing user experience. By customizing colors, sender names, chat headers, and greeting text, you can make sure your chatbot represents your brand's personality and aesthetic.


Find the perfect plan for your business! Take advantage of our offerings and tailored solutions that cater to businesses of every size. Enjoy exceptional AI assistance, customizable messaging options, and varying levels of support as you grow.

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