Set Up Rozio in Less Than 10 Minutes

With our streamlined process, you can have Rozio up and running in no time. Follow these simple steps to configure your Rozio live chat to maximize efficiency and improve your customers' experience.

Step 1: Configure your Rozio settings

In the Rozio settings page, seamlessly adjust how Rozio interacts with your customers and modify the chat appearance to reflect your brand identity.

Chat replies

Choose how Rozio engages with your customers. 'Rozio Autonomous' facilitates instant customer engagement through real-time, AI-generated responses. On the other hand, 'Customer Service Review' allows your team to manually create Rozio responses, offering the flexibility to review and modify messages before delivery.

Chat Appearance

Customize your chat appearance by selecting the color, merchant sender name, chat header, and greeting text.

Step 2: Upload your products

In the settings page click on Upload Products. This action will upload all your active Shopify products, enabling Rozio to answer questions and provide product recommendations.

Step 3: Copy-Paste Relevant Content

Head over to business information and provide Rozio with the essential information about your store by simply copying and pasting the URL of relevant pages (FAQs, Shipping Policy, About Us, etc.) along with the page content. After you are done, hit save.

Recommended Guidelines:

✅ Include pages such as FAQs, About Us, Shipping, Returns, and other store-specific information. These pages enable ROZIO to better understand your store and provide top-notch customer service.

✅ Consider adding information not available on your website but crucial for customer service.

Not Recommended

❌ Avoid adding non-essential pages like blog posts, Terms of Service, or Privacy Policies. ROZIO is already equipped with general knowledge; focus on adding information unique to your store.

❌ Do not add product information, as ROZIO already has access to your Shopify products.

Step 4 (Optional): Add custom instructions for Rozio

Custom instructions are a versatile and powerful way to tailor Rozio's interactions and responses based on your unique business needs and preferences. By adding custom instructions, you can teach Rozio virtually anything you want, equipping it with the specific knowledge to improve your customer service experience.

Examples of Custom Instructions:

✅ Enhance product recommendations by teaching Rozio your preferred upselling or cross-selling strategies.

✅ Cultivate your brand's personality by guiding Rozio on the tone, greetings, or expressions to use while conversing with customers.

✅ Equip Rozio with detailed information about ongoing promotions, sales, or time-sensitive offers.

✅ Address unique customer inquiries and niche topics specific to your business.

Step 5: Enable the Rozio extension in your Shopify theme editor

To finalize the setup, go to your Shopify dashboard and navigate to Online Store → Customize → App Embeds → toggle Rozio Chat Icon on. Finally click Save. This will enable the chat icon on your store's front-end.