Set Up Rozio in 10 Minutes

With our streamlined process, you can have Rozio up and running in no time. Follow these simple steps to configure your Rozio live chat to maximize efficiency and improve your customers' experience.

Rozio Tutorial video

Step 1: Navigate to the Settings Page

Go to the Settings page to configure how Rozio interacts with your customers and modify the chat appearance to reflect your brand identity.

Chat replies

Choose how Rozio engages with your customers. Select one of the following options:

  • Rozio Autonomous: Facilitates instant customer engagement through real-time, AI-generated responses.
  • Customer Service Review: Allows your team to manually create Rozio responses, offering the flexibility to review and modify messages before delivery.


Choose when you want to be notified. Select one of the following options:

  • Always: Every time a customer sends a message.
  • Customer Service Review: Only notify when Customer Service Review is on.
  • Never: Never notify when a customer sends a message.

Chat Appearance

Customize your chat appearance by selecting the color, merchant sender name, chat header, and greeting text.

Step 2: Navigate to the Knowledge Base

Head to the Knowledge Base to manage your website knowledge, upload products, and add custom instructions.

Step 3: Update Website Knowledge

Locate the "Update Website Knowledge" Card:

  • Click the Update button on this card.
  • Rozio will scrape the text from your website, capturing all the relevant information.

Review and Edit (Optional):

  • After scraping, you have the option to review the extracted text.
  • Edit or remove any irrelevant information to increase performence.

Step 4: Update Products

Locate the "Update Products" Card:

  • Click the Update button to upload all your active Shopify products.
  • This enables Rozio to answer questions and provide product recommendations effectively.

Step 5: Add Custom Instructions (Optional)

Custom instructions allow you to tailor Rozio's interactions based on your unique business needs.

Add Custom Instructions:

Click on the Custom Instructions card in the Knowledge Base.

Provide specific instructions to enhance product recommendations, cultivate your brand's personality, or inform Rozio about ongoing promotions.

Step 6: Save & Train

Save & Train:

  • After updating website knowledge and products, click the Save & Train button.
  • Wait for the process to complete. This trains Rozio with the latest information and custom instructions.

Step 7: Enable the Rozio extension in your Shopify theme editor

To finalize the setup, go to your Shopify dashboard and navigate to Online StoreCustomizeApp Embedstoggle Rozio Chat Icon on. Finally click Save. This will enable the chat icon on your store's front-end.